About the Book

We’ve tried hard to give you all the tools you need to help your aging parents and grandparents get their affairs in order and stop worrying. 


We all know there are things in life you can control and things you can’t.  Many of the things older people worry about can be controlled with financial and legal tools and techniques.  In a comfortable Q&A format, we answer the most important financial and legal questions our clients ask us.  


To help people manage the things they can’t control, we show many different ways to achieve psychological tranquility and spiritual peace. 


We hope our book will help adult children have conversations with their aging parents that will lead to better understanding and greater peace of mind.

Table of Contents


     Chapter 1:  Communication

Part 1:  Worries You Can Control

   Section 1:  Legal Matters

     Chapter 2:  Legal Worries

     Chapter 3:  Legal Tools

     Chapter 4:  Legal Techniques

     Chapter 5:  Advanced Legal Techniques

   Section 2:  Financial Matters

     Chapter 6:  Financial Worries

     Chapter 7:  Financial Tools

     Chapter 8:  Financial Techniques

     Chapter 9:  Advanced Financial Technique

   Section 3:  Complicated Assets

     Chapter 10:  Real Estate

     Chapter 11:  Retirement Plans

     Chapter 12:  Life Insurance

     Chapter 13:  Business Interests

     Chapter 14:  Special Assets

     Chapter 15:  Scams

   Section 4:  Sensitive Decisions

     Chapter 16:  Housing

     Chapter 17:  Healthcare

     Chapter 18:  Prolonging Life vs Hastening Death

     Chapter 19:  Remains

     Chapter 20:  Disagreements with Parents

Part 2:  Worries You Can’t Control

   Section 5:  Finding Peace and Happiness

     Chapter 21:  Peace through Psychology

     Chapter 22:  Peace through Spirituality

     Chapter 23:  Happiness, Even Joy


Appendix 1:  Primer on Investments

Appendix 2:  Suggested Regulatory Modifications

Further Reading