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"This book is more than just a financial toolkit; it is a brilliantly informed, humane, and thoroughly readable treatise on well-being for aging parents and those who care about them. I strongly recommend it for thoughtful persons of all ages as we prepare for the greatest generational transfer of wealth in history.”— Daniel Seymour Bowling III, Senior Lecturing Fellow, Duke Law School

“This book raises the questions you should have been asking—but perhaps haven’t—and points you to the answers. A ‘must read’ for those with elderly parents and for CPA financial advisors.”— Houston D. Smith, Jr., CPA/PFS, Atlanta, GA

 “A masterly account that completely covers all the important financial topics appropriate to your aging parents. The book’s four continuing personality types help you understand on a step-by-step basis all the key questions you need to ask, including communication suggestions. It’s a wonderful read.”— E. Thomas Garman, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech University


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